Out of sight, out of mind?!

We are all currently feeling the detrimental effects of our lifestyles of the last decades and can guess what is awaiting us in the future. There is no doubt about it - it is time to act, to rethink and to integrate new things into our everyday lives. Whether it's a new way of shopping for food (maybe try the unpackaged food shop around the corner or really take your own bags for fruit and vegetables this time?), eating a vegetarian or vegan diet, making your household more plastic-free or shopping more consciously on the internet.

I believe that every change (no matter how small) counts! After all, it's the small gestures & actions in our everyday lives that create effective change in our attitudes. The most important thing is to never forget that it's not about implementing everything perfectly, but rather about many people taking small steps towards a shared, sustainable future.

Forests and strips of land are burning, sea creatures are miserably decaying, the weather is going crazy and in between all of it, many people are in distress, facing existential problems. No, we are not in a futuristic thriller - it is rather our sad everyday life. The daily "bad news" that has become a frightening routine. On top of that, we only get all this information via screens or photos, so we can't really feel true empathy. That is precisely why it is so often easier to look away.

We are all in a position to open our hearts more, in order to deal more empathically and responsibly with ourselves, our environment and our fellow human beings. The Sanskrit word Ahimsha describes the non-violent treatment of oneself, all animals, as well as our environment. If we implement Ahimsha into all areas of our daily routines, we cultivate peace and love in our lives.

When thinking about solutions, I am convinced that more innovative companies are needed. An example is the Austrian brand Fitico, which produces breathable & functional sportswear from old fishing nets that would otherwise pollute the oceans and kill their creatures. Another good example is Damn Plastic, with motivated female entrepreneurs who are tackling the problem head on and making the possibility of a plastic-free lifestyle accessible and feasible for everyone. 

As a yoga teacher & student, I also try to do my best every day to move consciously through the world and to make sustainable choices. According to the motto: As within - so also without, I am firmly convinced that every change begins with the self.

Therefor I find the reality, or rather duality, in which we are living today more than frightening. Fast-moving, egoistic and profit-seeking - just to name a few characteristics of our so "progressive" society. We have all had to see or even feel ourselves where this kind of selfish economy and lifestyle has led us.

Wondering what you can do as a "simple" citizen to contribute to the greater good? - Start with a simple ACTION in the right direction! Change your lifestyle, consume consciously and less, support people around you, recycle & upcycle, eat less meat or cycle more. The list of possibilities is long enough. Be creative, be open to new possibilities and integrate unfamiliar habits into your everyday life. It can be as simple as that – RETHINK & REFLECT!

What makes me happy & inspired, is that more and more people are thinking about their decisions, shopping more consciously, living their daily life without all kinds of things and looking changes straight in the eye instead of being afraid of the new and unfamiliar. What's more, we don't have to do everything on our own. Mother Earth is on our side. The beautiful blue oceans are doing a significant part to curb global warming as much as possible. 

In case you are asking yourself: “What can we do to support the oceans?”   Just let nature be. Give the ecosystem and ourselves more time to recover, grow and flourish. Nature still has many beautiful surprises in store for us if we just let it regenerate. And remember – It’s Not About Damn Plastic, It’s About Damn People!

This path will not be an easy one, but together it will certainly not be quite so rocky and difficult. Besides, we should all keep in mind that we have nothing to lose when we finally start to heal. We do, however, have a lot to lose if we continue to watch impassively as our beautiful & unique earth, on which we are privileged to live, miserably perishes. Healing (of any kind) is allowed to be curvy, individual & sometimes chaotic! It is important to consciously set signs and to ACT instead of just passively reacting.

It is not about a few perfectionists, but rather, about many actionists!

More consciously living people who support each other instead of judging each other & who can move a lot together! 

Let's cultivate more mindfulness every day, for ourselves as well as for our beautiful nature, with the objective of shaping a better & balanced tomorrow!



by Lea Moana Weyringer www.thepeakyoga.at 

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