Who we are?

"Houston – we have several problems!" Let's face it, we've been dealt a bad hand when it comes to the issue of sustainability on this planet. Damn Plastic is here to shuffle the cards. Instead of blaming plastic, we want to focus on humanity! Because: It’s not about damn plastic, it’s about damn people! Every event, every business, every manufacturer, every promoter, and every average Jane and Joe, hold onto your panties as we take you on a ride on the DAMN PLASTIC vortex! We are going to show you how much can be done to live more sustainably than you ever have. DAMN PLASTIC connects the world and creates a platform that will bring our beautiful blue-green globe back on the right track! WELCOME 2 DAMN PLASTIC!

It is amazing, almost utopian, how much can be achieved by simply making many small, sustainable choices. In fact, it can be such an easy and uncomplicated transition, that anyone can bring about change in terms of sustainability in the blink of an eye. We're here to show you how. It's all about small, sustainable choices. We really have no more time to waste. If we don't want to get buried alive by avalanches of trash, we have to act. Do you think that this is difficult? Well, that is not surprising, because so far no one's told you how easy it can be and how much you can benefit from living more sustainably. Plus, now you have us - we've done a ton of screening, digging, negotiating, and testing so that you won't have to.


WHO'S BEHIND ALL THIS? 2 chicks who want to… …free this planet from plastic… …party just like we used to party before (but without screwing Mother Earth / without the guilt)… …support YOU guys in making small, sustainable choices ...lead this fierce, beautiful planet A, our Mother Earth, back to her original, pristine state. BOOOOM!

the origin Victoria
the anchor Steph

Now you know us. Just two crazy chicks that like to shake up every coop! We'd love to get to know you, too, your thoughts, ideas, and concerns, and of course, your favorite products or products you'd like to see in our shop - so head on over to (social media) and let's get the party started! Plastic-free xoxo, Victoria & Steph Aka Damn Plastic Boss Babes: The Origin & The Anchor


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Our values

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"It's not about damn plastic, it's about damn people"


SUST-DAMN-ABLE is the new Sustainable! It looks like the world has turned into a huge garbage dump #smellslikeshit. But DAMN PLASTIC know how to change that! Damn Plastic vs. single-use plastic. We are up for the challenge! Booooom! By introducing plastic alternatives into our lives, we are more than certain that we can ban plastic within one generation. It’s on every human being to act. We can show people how to easily act SUST-DAMN-ABLE!


THIS IS US. Unique, sexy, sassy, RocknRoll and, most importantly, focused on our goal! Problems are there to be solved, not just *talked* about. #greenwashing #smellslikebullshit We combine passion with a global goal. Simply: DAMN-TASTIC!


Sustainability now affects everyone. It is wrong to think that only the best will win. Because when it comes to this issue, everyone wins! Richard von Weizsäcker once said: “There will be no second Noah's Ark that will save us into a better future” ... Ehhhm Wrong! We are building the DAMN PLASTIC ARK - We know the way, we know what to do and we can show you how to get on board!


We want to create an unbelievable movement that will change the course of the planet! Building a network of damn-awesome entrepreneurs who own their sh*t and run their own damn business. Be your own boss - and forget f*cking 9-5 and skip into 24/7 #yolo Thanks to a unique franchising concept, we can offer enthusiasts the opportunity to enter the world of entrepreneurship and change the world: DAMN OWNERSHIP ❤️


We have inherited a ton of trash but we don’t have to pass it on… We are here to use all this trash out there and convert it into awesome products. And you … even if you are a couch potato you can be passively green! By buying these sexy products, you collect plastic-trash from our landfills and oceans. How cool is that? We do the dirty job for you and our mother-earth! The same goes for parties - we provide green party supplies, so you can get drunk AF #asusual - but without the trash and without the guilt ;) #plasticfreeparty


Socrates already figured out that the only truth is that you don't know anything! We live in a world where there are more than a million “truths” and it is difficult to know what’s right or wrong. That is THE highest priority at DAMN PLASTIC. We research carefully. We strive to find the best way to lead humanity to real independence from plastic. DAMN REAL means transparency in all matters. Just as there is a life cycle, a lunar cycle and many other cycles in our life, products and processes must also have their own cycle - and we pay attention to that!


We just wanted to have “lucky 7” as our values #haha