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"Houston – we have several problems!"

Let's face it, we've been dealt a bad hand when it comes to the issue of sustainability on this planet.

Damn Plastic is here to shuffle the cards. Instead of blaming plastic, we want to focus on humanity! Because: It’s not about damn plastic, it’s about damn people! 

Every event, every business, every manufacturer, every promoter, and every average Jane and Joe, hold onto your panties as we take you on a ride on the DAMN PLASTIC vortex! We are going to show you how much can be done to live more sustainably than you ever have. DAMN PLASTIC connects the world and creates a platform that will bring our beautiful blue-green globe back on the right track! 


It is amazing, almost utopian, how much can be achieved by simply making many small, sustainable choices. In fact, it can be such an easy and uncomplicated transition, that anyone can bring about change in terms of sustainability in the blink of an eye. We're here to show you how. 

It's all about small, sustainable choices.

We really have no more time to waste. If we don't want to get buried alive by avalanches of trash, we have to act. Do you think that this is difficult? Well, that is not surprising, because so far no one's told you how easy it can be and how much you can benefit from living more sustainably. Plus, now you have us - we've done a ton of screening, digging, negotiating, and testing so that you won't have to. 

Damn Plastic was founded to change our planet A. 

A zero-waste event management company. 

Company-owned stores in Austria. 

A franchise system for young entrepreneurs. 

A POS display for retailers, where you can't shop wrong ;) 

A certification for gastronomy businesses & events.

A plastic-free packaging solution company.

A modern start-up, built to make a difference and making plastic-free partying possible. 

Remember: plastic is not the enemy, BUT our mindset is.  Because, It's not about damn plastic, it's about damn people.

About the Boss Babes behind DAMN PLASTIC:


2 chicks who want to…

…free this planet from plastic…

…party just like we used to party before (but without the guilt)…

…support YOU guys in making small, sustainable choices

...lead this fierce, beautiful planet A, our Mother Earth, back to her original, pristine state. 



Hi! My name is Victoria, but everyone calls me Vicky [aka The Origin].

"Ahhh Damn…….Plastic..." Where do I begin...

There was always something in the back of my mind, for years, I felt the urge to realize my own idea. I just wanted, no, I *had to* get away from a 370-year-old family business and to deep dive into something new.

So, what lead me to DAMN PLASTIC? Picture this: One night, after partying for hours and hours, being drunk AF, I looked down on the floor (and you probably know what I'm talking about) and I was simply IN SHOCK! That moment when you look around and it's suddenly morning and you now have to tip-toe over shit-tons of dirty used plastic cups and face the mess you, your damn self, contributed to. I guess you get my drift… That was on US… No denying. 

Steph, my best friend, and I experienced that over and over again, and after a while, we finally just started thinking: "What are we doing here? Partying shouldn't be a sin!"

Would you believe us if we told you that every single cup you have ever used, be it at a festival or in general, is *still* lying around on some trash pile somewhere in the world? Barely disintegrated. Probably there for a thousand more years. YIKES!


And we felt that it was time for us to do something about it. So we did! 


Hello! So, my name is Stephanie, but you can call me Steph [aka The Anchor]!

Well, I guess I should continue telling you our story. As Vicky already elaborated on, the idea came up while partying. We started doing some research to understand and comprehend everything about plastic until we reached the point where we realized that plastic is actually a part of everything. Seriously: plastic is actually every-freaking-where. In all types of cosmetic products, shower gels, shampoos as well as all kinds of toothpaste, lotions, shoes, clothing, food, even in our spring water. It was, and frankly still is, shocking! 

So, naturally, that's how the idea grew. First, we started by working on an online shop where one should be able to find every kind of alternative to plastic products, without having to spend hours researching on the internet. After that, we came up with the festival consulting idea. And finally, we developed a unique franchising concept, connected to our DAMN PLASTIC stores. And now, because of our know-how and experience, we've been able to stir up the B2B market! We've started helping restaurants use reusable containers for deliveries! Win-win-win!

What else? Well… I guess that's enough for now. 

Now you know us. Just two crazy chicks that like to shake up every coop! We'd love to get to know you, too, your thoughts, ideas, and concerns, and of course, your favorite products or products you'd like to see in our shop - so head on over to (social media) and let's get the party started! 

Plastic-free xoxo,

Victoria & Steph

Aka Damn Plastic Boss Babes: The Origin & The Anchor