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Become a part of something that is going to shake things up - a part of an unbelievable movement that will change the course of the planet!





We have worked on a unique franchising concept that allows young or young-at-heart people like you and me to dash off and dive into the world of entrepreneurship. Today, we realize that a new way of life is developing (as it must!) and we're actively working on promoting and establishing it ASAP.
DAMN PLASTIC represents this lifestyle. Young, bold, crazy, yet absolutely conscious when it comes to making small, sustainable choices that affect our environment. Because that's how we are… and we want you to join us on our way to creating a successful, plastic-free future.
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But let's get real for a moment: It is and will remain a serious topic and people shouldn't take it *too* lightly. Humanity has to actively take steps in a more sustainable direction. All we're asking is "How can we make that process fun? " This is our path now and we are more than positive that it's not always going to be easy – but we can make it damn fun, special, and incredibly electrifying!
Now, back to business...