We want a plastic free world! We want a healthy world! We want...

The list of wishes goes on and on, like a child writing his annual list to Santa Claus. But honestly, what are wishes really worth if they never become reality?

We dream of being able to chop off the plastic theme, get rid of the problem and free our beaches, seas, landscapes and habitats from plastic. Yes, we dream about it but we are still struggling too hard to actually do something about it.

But HOW?

Do we really have to change our whole lifestyle?

Do we actually have to start to abandon everything?

Is this the way to bring this planet back into balance?

Others may feel the same way. But we, DAMN PLASTIC, say it can be done differently. Let us explain it briefly. It is not our intention to make big speeches and talk about a big change, to highlight all the mistakes and dramatize their effects. Because at the end of the day it doesn't matter to us. To any of us. The situation is serious and it's really time to change human behaviour.

It's frightening. The very fact that every plastic particle that has ever been created is still among us. Literally among us. Even the spring water already has traces of microplastics. Plastic ends up on our plates and without knowing it, our body absorbs the plastic particles as in creams, pastes and other care products. One should take a look at how much plastic is already in the human organism. Plastic and the human being is a truly toxic relationship.

However, we are convinced that people do not change on their own. We wouldn’t just say: "Oh and I almost forgot, I'm going to change my life instantly!" Honestly, that's not gonna happen. Not only because it seems too exhausting for us, but also because we don’t know how to deal with such a big topic, which appears in every corner of our everyday life.

And just to be clear, plastic is not the villain in this movie. The evil one is simply the mindset of the people. We have been spoiled for years, even decades, and finally we end up with plastic in every shape and structure on our supermarket shelves and similar. And yet the question still remains: Firstly, how do we banish plastic from our lives and secondly, how do people actively manage to make sustainable choices?

If we are given the means and a vision, then the whole thing appears differently. We at Damn Plastic have the means and live the vision that will get us out of this mess. Starting with the many different alternatives to plastic. Instead of ordering the usual plastic cup for your festivals, you simply use a compostable cup that rots by itself. And especially the cups that end up on the ground anyway. No plastic, no waste, less costs and a sustainable decision that brings us closer to our goal again.

It can be very simple after all... and we want to show that. The person should be gently guided and sensitized. He should think "aha why am I drinking from a noodle straw or why is this plate edible". And it should be fun, goddamn it. We want every festival visitor to rock the place just like before and to drink and party and dance like hell. In short: He should not be restricted in his behaviour and he should party as before. Celebrating used to be a sin, with the high consumption of garbage, now the whole concept is turned upside down and revolutionized by Damn Plastic. 

When you think about what you need for an event, the mountain of rubbish grows at the very same time. We associate festivals and events with a big garbage problem and just accept it. Instead of actively working on finding a solution. Why should we? As a festival visitor, who more or less consumes the garbage, I can't help it if plastic cups are pressed into my hand and everything ends up on the floor. We can hardly imagine it properly, and yet a huge amount of environmental awareness work would be done if we would change habitual choices. Festivals with ZERO WASTE...almost a bit futuristic huh? Well in this sense welcome to the future.

Plastic is totally the day before yesterday. Damn Plastic is here to make more of your event. Because every time you make a sustainable decision, this planet is being saved from another garbage flood. So to recap. In this case not only the environment benefits, but you do too. You save on garbage costs and can even get subsidies for your green behavior. And we guide you. Damn Plastic offers you the best and most optimal alternatives for you. We want small sustainable choices to be made, because with many small steps a fat footprint will be created.

And with one thing you can be sure - we will make your event or festival not only the hottest but also the best green event or festival. Be one of the first events and become a role model. This is how you celebrate in the 21st century... all in DAMN PLASTIC style!


Your wish list says: "My event has to get greener?

Then you've come to the right place.

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Damn plastic greetings,

your Damn Plastic Girls: Victoria & Stephanie