Whaaat packaging, containers and whatever you need, PLASTIC-FREE???

Unimaginable at first but true. Damn Plastic will read your every wish from your lips and turn it into reality.

Unfortunately, it looks like this so far...plastic as far as the eye can see and even further than the imagination goes. It is really frightening what has happened. "Oh how did we get there."

I'm sure you've gotten to the point where you think it doesn't has to be plastic.

After all, we are confronted with this topic more and more every day. Our oceans, beaches, habitats are literally filled up with trash, animals die because they fill their stomachs with plastic and people are often too blind to see that they are actually eating and drinking the plastic as well as applying it to their bodies. But how are we supposed to know that, if nobody tells us...

Hmm that's what we at Damn Plastic thought too and also the reason why we are doing something about it!

One thing that is hard to imagine is that pretty much everything is actually made of plastic. If I went to a supermarket and sorted out the plastic, the supermarket would be empty. Not a single product, except maybe a few single green bananas, but that's it. It is precisely the subject of packaging that is in high demand and is one of the main components of the plastic waste that is generally produced. No matter if it is shampoo, paint, tomatoes, pasta or simply the company gift. Everything, really everything is only available in combination with plastic. What else should you use, right?

Wrong!  Of course, plastic is basically the best invention yet. It is cheap to produce, Co2 balance in production is much better than wood and it can be formed very well. Nevertheless, if there wouldn't be the overproduction and the use of plastic for every (sorry) shit, we probably wouldn't have an environmental problem. And we want to make it clear that Damn Plastic stands for the fact that plastic should not be our enemy, only our mindset is in this game.Because the moment I realize and learn that there are other ways to do things than plastic, I can start to change the mindset and go in a new direction, a more sustainable direction. From knowing comes caring and from caring comes change.

Now we have reached the point where we can say that there are plenty of alternatives. We have tried to make the packaging, gift ideas etc. sustainable. Not only does this bring us closer to our goal of bringing this planet back on track, but we also believe that if everyone makes small sustainable choices, then big changes can be done.


Who needs plastic packaging when you can use decomposable materials? Materials that do not harm the environment and thus do not unbalance the environment again. Plastic packaging is so out of fashion. And to make sure that you don't end up with no packaging, we give you the best alternatives and make your product a unique all-round package. The packaging will make your product stand out even more and at the same time make people aware of what is actually possible!

Damn Plastic will find you the best alternative to plastic, which will again be perfectly adapted to your purposes.

Just thinking about what a gift would actually be worth if it is not wrapped in plastic leads to the conclusion that plastic cannot be used in this way anymore. Up to now we didn't even notice something like that, but now...hja now nobody wants to see the plastic any longer. Be one of the first to rethink and inspire the world as a pioneer. Welcome to the future... Welcome to DAMN PLASTIC!