PADS #REUSE - Damn Plastic
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Ladies, here are the only real reusable pads.

You wonder what makes them so unique? Well, they are plastic free! In fact, most reusable pads contain polyester fibres / synthetic fibres, therefore, the vagina comes into contact with plastic constantly. The problem here is that the vaginal flora is affected by this, and when the pads get washed, the whole micro plastic stuff lands the water. This cotton fabric is a pure and biodegradable material and is suitable as the perfect alternative to the traditional plastic pads. So even if you have to sneeze, the pads absorb everything.

- Underwear protection for daily use as a droplet catcher

- Outer fabric: 100% cotton

- Absorbent core: 1 layer of 100% cotton terry without PUL moisture protection (PUL = polyurethane laminated)

- Bottom: 100% cotton flannel

- Washable at 60 degrees

- Not suitable for the dryer

- Made in Salzburg/Austria 


Delivery time: ca. 3-5 business days