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Here comes our tooth salt.

Since the ingredients of the miswak wood can be eluted and washed out a little when using it several times, you can “refresh” the wood with the tooth salt. The tooth salt consists of powdered miswak wood and finely ground crystal salt. This way the Miswak active ingredients get back into your piece of wood. Miswak wood naturally contains: fluoride

- Enamel hardening, silicate

- Gentle cleaning particles, vitamin C

- Preservative, tannins

- Astringent, Saponins

- Dirt-dissolving, flavonoids

- Antibacterial, potassium and calcium

- Remineralizing.

What is also included are calcium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate. A German dentist dealt with the use of miswak wood intensively and developed out of it toothbrushes, other dental care products and a miswak stick for chewing. - Contains: 12g

- Use sparingly

- Helps to remove stubborn coatings

- Cleans

- Dental salt is like a toothpaste concentrate

- Contains active ingredients of miswak wood in powder form, and finely ground crystal salt

- Made in Germany


Delivery time: ca. 3-5 business days