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Stop - From now on, no microplastics will get into my sewers!

Let's stop the pollution of our waters! Whaaat?! You didn't know that while washing your clothes with synthetic fibers (polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc.), microplastics comes off and shoots itself into the water? Well that happens with every washing cycle. And that's what our (guppy) friend is responsible for. The pollutants are caught in this bag and don’t land in the water anymore. By removing the captured fibers, people should be reminded to change their buying behavior. Not that we soon have no drinking water anymore because it is too toxic ...

 A solution against microplastic pollution in the water

 Reduces fibre breakdown and protects clothing

 The bag itself does not lose any fibre - the fibre is all caught

 Incredibly durable (at least 1 year - the life of the bag depends on the number of washing cycles)

 70x54 cm (whole wash load possible)


Delivery time: ca. 3-5 business days