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And here come our plastic-free wipes.

100% natural and super pleasant on the skin. They are made out of organic cotton and are not only for the youngest among us, but can also be used as sweat wipes for adults. With the profit, the organic cotton farmers are supported, so that the children do not have to work on the fields, but can enjoy a school education. After washing, hang them up. After a short time it is dry and ready for reuse. Ready steady - wipes off! 

- Plasticfree

- 100% natural

- 100% organic cotton

- 6 wipes 30cm x 30cm

- Washable

- Easy to clean

- Soft cotton fabrics

- Tested for MADE FOR HEALTH certification 

- Ideal for the sensitive skin of children

- Suitable for adults during exercise or yoga practice as sweat wipes

- Made in Spain


Delivery time: ca. 3-5 business days