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It's getting hot in here ;)

Recycled unique items made from broken fire-wear hoses and PVC tarpaulin. What a great concept! A fire hose saves lives together with fire fighters. But if this is broken, it is actually no longer usable ... Stop, we can really use these hoses, because we are saving lives in a different way. Feuerwear collects these hoses from all over Germany and turns them into the coolest upcycled products. Robust and long-lasting products made from fire hoses. That's cool! Each unique piece tells its own heroic story. The belt Bill is the perfect accessory for your jeans. Its used look makes it just as unique as your lifestyle. This makes Bill the perfect companion for any pair of pants or denim skirt. Our belts are fraying. This used look is part of the Feuerwear design. The fraying ends at the seam. If the fringes bother you, you can cut them off with scissors. You can also cut Bill individually to your length. To do this, you simply remove the buckle, cut the belt to the desired length and then put the buckle back on. Your belt will fit you perfectly.

- Available in 3 colors: red, black, white

- Width: 4.0 cm

- Length: 130.0 cm (can be shortened individually)

- Weight: 210 g

- Upcycling

- Climate projects are supported

 - Use of green electricity

- Fairly produced

- No animal materials and ingredients (PETA Approved Vegan)

- Made in Europe

- Each Feuerwear product is unique, so this picture is a sample photo that     differs from the original. A selection of the unique items we have available can be made by email.


Delivery time: ca. 3-5 business days