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      The greatest danger to our environment is to believe that someone else will save it. That is why we have set ourselves the goal to declare war on single-use plastic and "ban it within one generation". It is important to us that we convey that plastic is not the enemy -

      but our mindset. According to the motto "It's not about Damn Plastic, it´s about damn people” we create the awareness in a funny & sexy way. Without awareness, we won't move our ass.





      SUST-DAMN-ABLE is the new Sustainable! It is known that the world is a huge garbage dump. So far it is unknown that there are already opportunities, even opportunities, to free our world from this garbage dump. But DAMN PLASTIC knows how!

      Damn Plastic vs. Single use plastic.

      By introducing and bringing plastic alternatives closer to our lives, we are more than certain that we can ban plastic within a generation. The human is the one who acts. We show him how to act correctly - SUST-DAMN-ABLE! Be a sponge. Take the bad, and give back….


      2: DAMN-TASTIC

      THIS IS US. Unique, Sexy, Flippy, RocknRoll and most importantly focused on our goal! Problems are there to be solved, not to think about how to work around them.

      Because that is exactly what prevents us from getting any further. DAMN-TASTIC because that's exactly what we don't do. Our passion is combined with a global goal. Attention! Attention! the DAMN PLASTIC wave has already been kicked off - ready for a DAMN-TASTIC future ??



      Sustainability now affects everyone. It is wrong to think that the best will win. Because in this topic everyone wins! Richard von Weizsäcker said: There will be no second Noah's Ark that will save us into a better future ... Wrong thought we are: the DAMN PLASTIC Ark - We have the route, we know what to do and we lead people into one better future!



      As the saying goes, the youngsters are the stars of tomorrow! We think so too! Thanks to a unique franchising concept, we have managed to offer young companies the opportunity to enter entrepreneurship - and not just anyone - this is a company that aims to save the world!



      DAMN PLASTIC is full of DAMN-TRUE PASSION! A company that thrives from within. A company so young and dynamic. A company that faces the most urgent and most important topic - let's get that earthball back on track!

      Feasible by focusing on the whole. DAMN PLASTIC encourages people and introduces them to the unbelievably big topic of sustainability, because the bottom line is that every individual contributes to our goal!


      6: DAMN-TRUE

      Socrates already figured out that the only truth is that you don't know anything! We live in a world where there are more than a million truths and it is difficult to get an overview. That is why this point has the highest priority at DAMN PLASTIC. We research carefully. We strive to find the really best way to bring humanity to real independence from plastic. And it has already been confirmed! DAMN-TRUE means transparency in all matters. Just as there is a life cycle, a lunar cycle and many other cycles in our life, products and processes must also have their own cycle - and we pay attention to that! This is DAMN PLASTIC.



      Pointing your finger at humanity and saying do it better is useless! Nobody knows how - the offer is missing - and economically this topic of sustainable living is more ridiculed than taken seriously! Therefore, we proceed differently - we clarify - we offer alternatives and thus create a broad rethinking step by step! This is he DAMN PLASTIC WAY and don’t forget we all have the same goal here!