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Listen up! Celebrating, partying, having fun, etc. shouldn't be an environmental sin!

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You actually give a damn. You want your business (whatever industry you're in) to become more sustainable - but you don't know where to start? You're afraid it's too expensive. And you worry, you'd have to do it perfectly to avoid scrutiny and criticism.

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F&B Utensils


If you’ve ever seen the faces of people first using our zero-waste utensils, you know it’s quite fun to watch people’s eyes light up as they realize: “THIS IS GUILT FREE. I could EAT the straw if I wanted to!” It makes us happy. It makes them happy. And happy customers come again… That would probably make you happy, too.

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So, you've de-plastified your business and you want people to know - we have the tools, we have the certification and we are prepared to shout it from the rooftops: "These guys got it right!"

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So you wanna give your customers or guests something to remember? Look here! We’ve got loads 😏

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