So, you've de-plastified your restaurant and you want people to know - we have the tools, we have the certification and we are prepared to shout it from the rooftops: "These guys got it right!"

Our job here is to observe and test partner companies top to bottom and make sure they adhere to the highest standards of waste reduction.

Since single-use plastic reaches the deep red limits of our Damn-Plastic-O-Meter, we want to shine a light on businesses that have left that destructive wastefulness behind and are building a better future for the planet.

Thus, we've created the DAMN PLASTIC SEAL OF APPROVAL. So when people see the "Damn Plastic" badge, they will know you're on the green side of history.

Ready to contribute by placing "Damn Plastic" stickers around your business, on your products, at your events, or just anywhere in your life?
Get in touch, so we can get started on your certification journey!