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De-PLASTIFY your business!

F&B Utensils

If you’ve ever seen the faces of people first using our zero-waste utensils, you know it’s quite fun to watch people’s eyes light up as they realize: “THIS IS GUILT FREE. I could EAT the straw if I wanted to!” It makes us happy. It makes them happy. And happy customers come again… That would probably make you happy, too.

Whatever it is you need, we got it. From edible plates, cups, cutlery to straws in all shapes and sizes - various other crazy zero-waste articles. You really don’t need to look everywhere - *WE’VE*already looked everywhere - you just tell us and you don’t have to think about it, make calls, ask around, send emails or bang your head against the wall anymore. (Been there, done that.)

Fill out the form, let us know what you are looking for and LET’S GOOOOO!