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Become a part of a movement that will shake up the world and get it back on the right track. Do you have a product that can help us do that? Then get in touch and let's get rocking! Our motto is: It's not about DAMN PLASTIC, it's about DAMN PEOPLE! We're bringing all the cool Start-Ups and ideas together to help everyone make their lives more sustainable.

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Caution: the craziness and individuality that define us are pretty visible - our designs and our whole branding concept – especially our online shop and our social media channels… it's not for the faint of heart and it will surely be your new source of entertainment 😉 #welovetoentertainyou #ifitaintfundontdoit DAMN PLASTIC is more than just a display for products. We put our heart and soul into making people think over their behavior. We want every single little human being on this damn planet to know what's actually possible and what impact *your product* can have! It's all about small, sustainable choices!

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