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Sustainable skin care with purpose and for all the senses!

Hey guys, we haven't forgotten about you! Our deodorants are also available with masculine scents!

They come in recyclable cardboard packaging and are handmade in Vienna. The best thing about it: They contain no preservatives, no palm oil, no silicone, no parabens and no petroleum. In other words: it is made 100% from nature! This one wakes you up in the morning with a gentle masculine smell and keeps bad smells away for 24 hours, whether you sit all day or move your body. Everything according to the motto “Stay Clean. Think Dirty ". With its natural ingredients, it doesn't clog your pores but instead helps by blocking bacterial growth. You don't need to worry about white stains on your clothes either. Only if used in summer, avoid direct sunlight or put it in the refrigerator so it doesn't melt. Say goodbye to smelly armpits!

- Gentle, masculine scent (Caveman); Vetiver, mint, sandalwood (mascoolin)

- 60g

- Keeps fresh for 24 hours

- No stains on clothes

- Made entirely from biological materials

- handmade

- Vegan

- Not tested on animals

- Free from palm oil

- Free from parabens, silicone and petroleum

- Made in Austria

- Ingredients: coconut oil *, shea butter *, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch *, rapeseed oil *, carnauba wax *, candellila wax *, perfume -

* from controlled, organic cultivation


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